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Clever Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

Mother and daughter decorating pumpkins.
Welcome back to The Gates of Owings Mills Blog! In our last post, we offered tips for shopping at the farmer’s market. We hope you’ve been enjoying the fresh produce. Chances are if you’ve been to the market recently, you’ve seen pumpkins in the mix. Pumpkins are a part of the landscape in October, and we have a few suggestions for ways to decorate your apartment incorporating pumpkins to get it ready for the next few months of fall here in Maryland. Today we want to help you decorate a classic icon of the season and Halloween itself. If you’re carving or decorating pumpkins this month, try some of these tips for ways to freshen it up.

Decorating Pumpkins to Display in Your Owings Mills Apartment

Paint them.

Painting pumpkins is a great alternative to carving them and avoiding the mess of gutting the pumpkin and clearing away all the insides. So paint your favorite brand logo, movie character, superhero emblem, or another thing that speaks to you. Consider your interests and make that the focal point of your design so you can have something truly unique. If you need some ideas to spark your creativity, check Pinterest for hundreds of pumpkin painting ideas.

Glitter it up.

Add some glam to your pumpkin carving sesh by including glitter in your design! Whether you cover the whole thing in sparkles or make a glitter monogrammed pumpkin, this can make your pumpkin a stunning addition to your fall decorations.

Use a drill.

If you still want to carve your pumpkin and make it really special, use tools like drills, nails, and hammers to provide the detail you’re looking for. You can use small holes and lines to enhance a carving you’re making, or you can even stick things like flower stems into the holes to mix it up. Plus, using a drill might even be easier to create designs than using sharp, smooth lines is. See these Star Wars pumpkins as proof!

Create a scene.

Even if you only expect your pumpkin to last for a few weeks, you can still use this opportunity to create some art with this unconventional medium! Use mini pumpkins, oddly shaped pumpkins, paint, and the other techniques we’ve mentioned to tell a story with your pumpkins. Don’t be afraid to use other props and material, such as paper, glue, or household items to complete your scene.

What are your favorite ways to decorate a pumpkin? Share your tips and ideas with us in the comments so we can all benefit. Thanks for reading. We hope these ideas inspire you to have fun and express yourself through pumpkins this year.