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Making the Most of Owings Mills Farmer's Markets

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It’s September, and that means it is the perfect time to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables at a local Owings Mills farmer’s market. Today The Gates of Owings Mills Blog brings you eight great reasons inspired from to shop fresh and get things from the field to the table in your apartment in short order.

Top Eight Reasons for Shopping at an Owings Mills Farmer’s Market

1.  Recently picked fruits and vegetables are at their peak for flavor and nutrition.  

2. By supporting a farmer’s market, you are supporting local farmers and the local economy too.

3. Can you say antioxidants and phytonutrients? Fresh fruits are chock full of them. (Don’t know what that means? Click the link.)

4. Strengthen your community by supporting local farmers. Learn how your food is grown, visit with neighbors and friends at your local market. Make new friends!

5. Farmer’s markets are a good source for getting foods that fit into My Plate guidelines. To find out more about this topic, spend some time at Choose My Plate.

6. Farmers and other vendors like to talk about their products, and chances are they have good suggestions about how to use them, too. Just ask.

7. With so many different varieties available at a market, you have the opportunity to try something new to you. Go ahead! It’s fun.

8. Farmer’s markets are waiting to be discovered. Chances are there’s one near you. Use this handy tool to find a farmer’s market in the Owings Mills, Maryland area.

If you are looking for recipes for the produce from the farmer’s market, we’ve got you covered. Taste of Home has 50 summer farmer’s market recipes you can try to use all the produce you purchased at the market.

Where is your favorite local market? Share your suggestions and your favorite recipe in the comments section to share.